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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Jorge Melo is an international instructor of afro latin dances and Venezuelan folklore and a paramedic with a cardiopulmonary specialty.

With over 15 years of professional dance experience, Jorge created a foundation called the Casino Stars of Venezuela in January 2005 with the intention of constructing a unique and innovative style.

The foundation's activities and objectives include: teaching people of all ages; and making donations and creating scholarships for low income Venezuelans with the talent and capacity to learn the art of dance.

As team Director, Jorge has had great fortune in molding the troop with extensive coaching from world-class instructors. The infusion of Ballroom dance and other dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Latin Hustle, West Coast Swing, Kizomba and Traditional Folkloric dance has created a team of highly experienced and diverse dancers that are sought after globally.

The Casino Stars have performed in over 500 festivals throughout Venezuela and in many other countries and territories including: Norway, Ivory Coast Africa, Angola, Aruba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain and the United States.


They now reside in Houston, Texas.

Jorge Melo and the Casino Stars members, separately and together, have been awarded multiple titles/championships at a national and international level.

1st - World Salsa Championships  salsa groups 2011
1st - Best dancer international trajectory in Venezuela 2013
1st -Team at Festival de Salsa Caracas in Venezuela 2012
2nd - Group Category World Salsa Championships 2012
1st - Male solo World Salsa Championships 2012
4th - Female solo World Salsa Championships 2012
2nd - National Championship passage ways 2011
1st - Professional Couple Venezuela Salsa Open 2011
2nd - Championship passageways Puerto Rico 2011
7th - Professional couple World Salsa Championships 2011
4th - World salsa summit Miami small teams 2014
1st  - Best female dancer Caracas salsa festival 2014
2nd - Female solo artistic World Salsa Championships 2011
1st - Professional Couple Venezuela Salsa Open 2010
1st - Professional Group Venezuela Salsa Open 2010
2nd - Professional Group salsa Puerto Rico World Salsa Open 2010
1st - Professional Group Caracas Salsa festival 2009
3rd - Professional Group Miami World Salsa Federation 2009
1st - Online Professional Couple Salsa Venezuela Salsa Open 2008
2nd - Professional Couple Salsa Casino Salsa Open Venezuela 2008
3rd & 4th - Curacao Professional Couple Salsa competition 2008


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